Enemies Encamping


Fire on the Mountain-–Fear in the Valley

This was the scene looking out of our upstairs windows a few years ago. The enemy was encamped and ready for war. Intruders had entered our village and threatened to wage war on the people of the community–hoping to acquire land by force.

The day before, many were injured as the squabbles turned into physical confrontations. Then the enemy camped on the mountain, and the stand off began. Psalms 27:3 says,”Though an army encamp against me, my heart shall not fear; though war arise against me, yet will I be confident.” The war had begun, but the community people didn’t back down––instead they made plans for the attack. They prepared, they planned, and they carried through together.

When the enemy moves in for the siege, are we ready? The people of our community were ready, united and determined. They moved up the mountain setting fires, creeping step by step, until the enemy was smoked out and left. Victory was theirs.

It wasn’t the first time the enemy moved in. Nor will it be the last. Until the final paperwork is completed for the community property, the enemy will continue to try to move in.

As I watched the fires flame and inhaled the smoke, I felt fear from this enemy too. What if they returned and encamped on the mountain behind our house? Were we prepared for the enemy’s attack? Would the community people come to our aid?

But what about my spiritual enemy? Am I prepared with the whole armor of God for his attacks?

Can we say as the psalmist?––”…though war rise up against me, yet will I be confident.” Our enemy will not give up either, but we can be confident that God promises to protect us and give us the victory when the enemy encamps about us.