Home office:

Rumi Rancho Ministries

P O Box 135

Acme, PA 15610


4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Chuck and Peggy Post author

    Hi Gerry, so glad to hear from you. I tried to send a reply here the last time you commented but I don’t think you got it. My, this has really been hard to get in contact–emails are not getting to you by either addresses I have of yours. We just sent a prayer letter you’ll get in a week or so and then I will try calling you. We got the new box for the phone and then our Internet had problems but at last if i can get a call out to you you’ll know how much i miss you ad want to be in touch. Love you so much, John too! Let me know if this gets to you if you can not sure if you can reply to this. Love and hugs to you both. We really want to be in touch so much.

  2. Alison MurrinSellner

    I was thrilled to see this website! This Alison Murrin Sellner. I have been wondering if you all were still there. My dad is there right now and just went out to the campo to visit the believers. He will be coming back on the 21st. I have 4 kids and am still teaching. This year it is 4th grade. Well it was great seeing this.

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