Rumi Rancho Ministries

DSC00046 2Raising Rumi Rancho

Chuck and Peggy Cunningham have served as missionaries in Bolivia, S.A. since 1981. Rumi Rancho Ministries, founded in 1999, works with  the Quechua people of Bolivia. Rumi, pronounced “roomy’, is the Quechua word for “rock” and is the language spoken in this area. It is on a rock mountain where God has chosen to place this ministry to tell the story of Jesus. It seemed fitting to name this place “Rumi Rancho” or  “Rock Ranch” in English.

Situated in a rural area of the Cochabamba valley, the Cunninghams minister to Quechua children and adults in their home and churches. God has raised up Rumi Rancho to help them teach practical skills to children while reaching them for Christ. Their desire is to give them hope for eternity by teaching them God’s Word, as well as equipping them for a better life while here on earth. Since Rumi Rancho opened its doors to the nearby 11 surrounding communities, it has seen more than three thousand children attend classes and hear about Jesus. The number rises each year as the Cunninghams continue ministering to the Quechua people and children.

Matthew 16:18 “…and upon this rock I will build my church.”

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